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Managecast has been a proud Asigra Partner since 2010, and is considered as a go-to Asigra Partner in North America.

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Asigra was founded in 1986 as a developer of remote/offsite backup software. They have a long pedigree of delivering enterprise-level cloud backup functionality to organizations of all sizes. Asigra protects leading platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac, as well as mobile devices, and cloud platforms such as Office 365, Google, and Salesforce.

Asigra does not provide cloud backup directly, but make the software that many of the largest service providers in the world utilize to provide feature-rich, secure, multi-tenant cloud backup to hundreds of thousands of end clients.

Key Features and Benefits

Agentless Architecture

Simplifies rollout and reduces administration costs and is more secure than agents.

Cloud Optimized

Support private, hybrid and public backup clouds. Deduplication and compression to reduce WAN usage.

Any Device or Application

Windows, Linux, Mac, Physical and Virtual Machines, data centers, databases, tablets and smartphones.

Secure and Compliant

Data encrypted in-flight and at rest. Meet regulatory compliance (SOX, HIPAA, etc.)

Local Backup & Recovery

Local backup option for fast backup and recovery. Self-services options to reduce management costs.

Restore & Recovery Assurance

Autonomic self-healing, data consistency and data transfer checks, auditable recovery tests.

Flexible Restore

Address varying Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), Bare Metal, message level and file restore.

Centralized Options

Centrally manage / monitor / configure heterogeneous environments. Simplify remote site/office backup.

Asigra Cloud Backup Software Enables Public, Private and Hybrid Backup Clouds

Asigra provides peace of mind by safeguarding the availability of your
environment with four optional features:

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

    Continuous Data Protection (CDP) can be selected for specific backup sets to ensure you can be up and running quickly with minimal data loss

  • Incremental Backup

    Incremental Backup enables you to backup VMs by retrieving only the changed blocks from the server and incrementals from the source.

  • Snapshot Capability

    Snapshot capability gives you the ability to achieve aggressive Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) for even large amounts of data.

  • Physical to Virtual (P2V) Conversion

    Physical to Virtual (P2V) Conversion from physical to virtual machine.

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For more than 30 years Asigra has stayed ahead of the market with a secure, agentless, scalable and automated backup and recovery solution…

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Customer data, product data, financial data, employee data—this is the lifeblood of modern organizations…

The Real Cost of Backup and Disaster Recovery

Managecast began offering cloud backup services in 2010 because we realized most of our clients were not managing their backups…

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