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Validate a Backup With Veeam Backup Validator

Have you ever been asked to validate your backups? Maybe you utilize Veeam SureBackup to validate your backups, but need to validate a specific backup on the spot and don't want to run the entire SureBackup job? Veeam provides the Veeam Backup Validator tool to manual validate backups immediately. The tool is so simple to use that you could start using it right away. Everything is done through an administrative command prompt. A quick and…
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Ransomware Recap – January

Welcome to our first Ransomware Recap! In this monthly series, we discuss a few of the biggest ransomware stories. Let's jump in! Travelex Hackers Demand $6 Million On New Year's Eve, hackers compromised Travelex's infrastructure with Sodinokibi ransomware. The hack, which was undetected for 6 months prior, forced Travelex to shut down all operations across 30 countries. Alleged information gathered by the hackers included credit card numbers and over 5GB of personal information. Travelex, on…
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Ctrl+Alt+Delete Not Working in vCloud Director

If you are having trouble interacting with your Failed-Over VMs through vCloud Director, there is a known issue with vCloud Director (VCD) where the proper signal is not sent when trying to CTRL+ALT+DEL from the web console window. The VMWare KB article Addressing this can be found here. As stated in the above article, there are a few workarounds, the easiest just using the Edge or Internet Explorer Browsers. Our preferred method is to use…
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Veeam Agent for Windows Automated Deployment

The process of installing the Veeam Agent for Windows isn't especially time-consuming, but what if you need to install on multiple machines? Using the Veeam.Agent.Configurator.exe tool provided in the Veeam Agent install it's easy to cut out most of the time required to setup. The Veeam.Agent.Configurator tool allows for exporting and importing a configuration.xml file. The XML file will automatically apply the exported settings to a new install. In order to export a config to…
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Veeam Hyper-V Error 32274 & Log on as a Service Right

Recently, we ran into a case where Veeam backups for Hyper-V VMs would fail after about a day with the Error code: ‘32774’ failing to create VM recovery snapshot. Restarting the Hyper-V VM would resolve the issue temporarily, but inevitably would start to fail again. In a situation where a Hyper-V VM is failing to create a snapshot a good way to determine if Veeam or the Hyper-V is an issue is to attempt a…
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Veeam Monitoring and Notifications for MSPs

You realize how cumbersome it is to monitor your onsite end-client Veeam backups if you are a managed service provider (MSP) with several clients. Many times the method is to receive emails from the on-premises Veeam backup server which results in having to sift through numerous emails to determine if there are any issues to address with clients. The more clients you have, the more emails, the worse the management headache! Even when using supplied…
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