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Veeam Backups with Long Term Retention

One of the features of Veeam Backup and Replication is the ability to not only perform an incremental backup job to local disk but then schedule a job to copy those increments to another location. These backup copy jobs are forever forward incremental meaning that after the first full backup is created only incremental data from that point forward are copied. Once the incremental chain hits the set limit of restore points, after any new restore points…
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Considering a Low Cost Cloud Backup Solution?

Ouch, Carbonite is not having a good day.  I see some people choose these low cost cloud backup providers without realizing they are not the same as enterprise-class backup providers like Managecast. It would seem you get what you pay for. Carbonite Forces Password Reset After Password Reuse Attack! Interested in learning how Managecast can help your business with its cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions? Fill out this form for more information!
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Top 5 Cloud Backup Myths

Being a cloud backup managed service provider, we run into common myths surrounding cloud backup. We hope we can dispel some of these more pervasive, and incorrect, perceptions of cloud backup. 1. Cloud Backup is "Not secure." One of the biggest concerns with cloud backup is around security and privacy of data. This is understandable in today's world where data breach headlines are everywhere. Ironically, with the right cloud backup solution, your data is most…
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Managecast is Now a Proud Member of the Veeam Cloud Connect Partner Program

  Managecast is a featured partner on VEEAM's list of service providers that offer the VEEAM Cloud Connect services. VEEAM Cloud Connect enables you to quickly and efficiently get your VEEAM backups offsite, safe and secure, so you can always recover your data no matter what! Our services powered by VEEAM allow for: Full integration with VEEAM Secure, encrypted backup, replication, and restore Full-site failover Full and partial failback Quick site failover testing Fast recovery Managecast is…
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Tape is Not Dead, and Why I Finally Bought a Tape Library

Being the "Cloud Backup Guy" I've made a living off replacing tape. Tape is that legacy media right? It's true that for most small to medium businesses, tape is hard to manage, expensive to rotate offsite, and has virtually been replaced by disk-to-disk (or disk-to-disk-to-cloud) technologies. However, I am finally willing to say tape definitely has it's place. Related article: Is Tape Dead? Given that I have been so anti-tape for many years, I thought…
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The Requested Operation Could Not be Completed Due to a File System Limitation (Asigra)

On trying to backup an Exchange database using Asigra we were seeing the message "The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation" after about 4 hours of backing up. This was an Exchange database backup (non VSS), and it was copying the database to the DS-Client buffer.  The Exchange database was 1TB+.  The DS-Client was running on Windows 8.1. The message: The requested operation could not be completed due to…
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