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Managecast currently provides data protection services to several city governments and we recognize the need to protect police, fire, tax, and other city data. Obviously security is of paramount concern since city governments hold sensitive information concerning citizens, court cases, criminal investigations, etc.

Additionally, tax revenue is the primary income for city governments so the ability to protect the systems on which these tax systems are built is especially important. Managecast understands the need to protect sensitive data as well as provide for business continuity for critical systems during a disaster because tax payers expect the government to be available, especially in times of disaster, such as ice storms, tornadoes, and other such events that affect wide areas.

Managecast provides city governments the following data protection benefits:

  • Data is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption and Managecast does not have access to the data
  • Encryption is FIPS 140-2 certified
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is available to keep critical systems backed up to the most recent point in time
  • Business Continuity of critical IT systems to ensure these systems are available at all times, especially during a disaster
  •  Version control and long retention options
  • Archiving of old data to reduce costs
  • All backup data stored on enterprise-class, highly redundant, disk arrays and replicated to a 2nd data center
  • Audit trail of all backup operations
  • Role based access control to verify only authorized users have access to the backup data

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