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Backups are only a component of a successful disaster recovery strategy. Given a site disaster due to fire, flood, tornado, or other major event, you may not have a disaster recovery site available in order to resume business quickly. What is your plan for such an event? What is the recovery time objective (RTO)? Unless you have extra computers and equipment, and an offsite DR site, you may struggle to get the business back up and running quickly. Recovery time could be days, or even weeks. Is this acceptable? If you are unsure, a business impact analysis and risk assessment may help you understand the required recovery time.

Standard Level

Best for small businesses

  • RPO: 4 hours
  • 4 hour journal history
  • RTO: 8 hours
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Enterprise Level

Best for business critical

  • RPO:
  • 72 hour journal history
  • RTO:
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