Starting with a solid disaster recovery or business continuity plan is key!

Is your organization ready for a real catastrophe? If you are like 80% of businesses, the answer is no. Even if you do have a DR plan, when was the last time it was updated?

Managecast has partnered with Readysmith Advisors to provide professional, comprehensive planning service to ready your business for crisis and disasters at a reasonable price.

Readysmith has developed a unique and comprehensive solution to get you ready for emergencies, crises and disasters. They will guide you in developing a pragmatic, effective Ready Plan to protect and continue your business.

You can develop and implement your readiness plans with Readysmith’s SaaS based service, Readiness-as-a-Service, and their veteran Advisers in months or even weeks. You can work at your own pace, seek advice and guidance when you need it and build your organization’s response capabilities painlessly. See a short demo of RaaS.

Readysmith’s Advisers are veterans, averaging over 15 years’ experience in developing readiness plans for our customers.

  • Readiness-as-a Service (RaaS) is a cloud based, secure wiki platform just for your company’s business continuity plan information.  The service promotes collaboration among planners and recovery personnel.  In an emergency your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) information is available to you via any internet connected computer or smart phone.
  • BCP content-ready wiki pages including templates and checklists that address Emergency Response, Crisis Management, IT, and Business Recovery.  You simply insert your existing BCP information on a wiki page or modify the pre-populated content as desired in RaaS to reflect your unique plan.
  • Pre-populated content and embedded BCP development methodology based upon guidance from regulators as well as leading BCP professional practice organizations.
  • An easy-to-use wiki platform to develop and augment site content.  If you know how to use MS Word or Excel you can use the wiki editor feature to create or modify content on your site’s pages.
  • Attach important forms or manuals to pages of your RaaS site for easy access if your network servers are not available to you.
  • An experienced Readiness Adviser assigned just to you.  Your go-to person at Readysmith will support your efforts to develop your BCP site.  Your Adviser will also be there to assist you during an emergency.  Our Advisers possess extensive experience in business continuity consulting and information technology.
  • An affordable BCP solution to help you to be ready to respond to, manage, and recover from business interruptions.  We can help you a lot or a little.  You decide the level of Adviser assistance you will require to get your RaaS site up and running.
  • An auditable site that will appeal to regulators and auditors.


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