Backing Up Your School’s Data

Managecast works with several school systems in providing backup and recovery services and we have discovered some unique characteristics with educational data. First, not all data needs to be stored offsite. Student data, for example, is typically wiped out every year and not preserved. Student data is also not typically considered “critical” data and while it does need to be backed up, does not neccesarily need to be backed up offsite hundreds of miles away to multiple data centers – it just doesn’t have that much value to warrant that level of protection. However, other data, such as administrative data is considered critical and worthy of high-levels of data protection.

A lot of schools systems who currently use cloud backup will elect to only backup critical data to the cloud while using a separate in-house system for the less critical (student) data. However, Managecast can address both situations by providing local AND offsite backup with a single solution and give the IT administrator a single pane of glass to manage and monitor the backups of critical as well as non-critical data.

In addition to providing local-ONLY backups as well as secure offsite data backup, Managecast provides the following benefits:

Completely managed and automated off-site data protection

  • Fully secure with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Onsite appliances with local backup storage
  • Archive older data to reduce cost
  • Support for mobile devices such as tablets, iPads, Android devices and workstations
  • User authentication and role-based backup services
  • On-site backup with replication to 2 geo-separate data centers