Google Apps

Google Apps

Many organizations have been moving to Google Apps to reap the benefits their SaaS applications. However did you know that while Google will handle much of your IT management tasks for these applications, you are still responsible for your own data? Although Google keeps its own backups of your data for internal use, they are not responsible for helping you retrieve deleted, edited, or corrupted information. This is problematic as human error is one of the leading causes of data loss. To help users reclaim control of data in this environment, Asigra announced cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for Salesforce in November 2012 and now expanded capabilities to support Google Apps. With Asigra Cloud Backup, users now have the ability to protect Google Apps data just like any other enterprise data within their IT environment.

To help you overcome these challenges Managecast offers backup and recover support for your Google Apps. Our partnership with Asigra allows us to protect your:

  • Google Drive – including presentations, documents, spreadsheets created in the Google cloud and those documents that have been uploaded into Google Drive
  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Sites
  • Perform backup and recovery at both the super-user (administrator) or individual user accounts
  • Backup and restore either all data or individual files or items

With Asigra Cloud Backup, users can protect Google Apps data at all times automatically. The latest advancement allows companies to backup and restore all important business information in Google Apps. Users can automate and schedule the backup activities for the data in Google Apps, select the number of generations of the information that need protection, set retention rules and even decide different backup frequencies for different sets of data. Given that all Google Apps backup data is stored in the same single repository as all other corporate information, users no longer have silos of information lying outside of corporate control.

Organizations protecting Google Apps data with us can backup or restore at the entire domain level, the account level or drill down to individual files or emails and restore them as they were at a point in time. This feature can be particularly useful when dealing with information created by employees who are no longer with the organization.