Modern Data Protection for Healthcare

Focus on saving lives, while we protect your data

Aiming to improve patient care processes and operational outcomes, healthcare institutions like yours are turning to modern technology services.

You are likely feeling immense pressure to protect healthcare data and meet industry regulations as you store
and protect sensitive patient records, life science research, data from clinical trials and other healthcare information.

According to a recent survey of 156 healthcare organizations*:

0 %

of institutions globally feel they have an issue with recovering applications in an acceptable timeframe

0 %

feel exposed or vulnerable as a business, regarding how often they back up data compared to their service level agreement

0 %

say that they need to reduce costs on data protection systems

Get Simple, Flexible, Reliable and Powerful Data Protection with Managecast Technologies, Inc.

Healthcare organizations that deploy Veeam® Modern Data Protection solutions experience**:


lower five‑year backup and recovery costs


more efficient data backup and recovery teams

Avoid potential pitfalls and accelerate business agility for better management and protection of sensitive healthcare data.
With solutions provided by Managecast Technologies, Inc. and powered by Veeam, you can ensure you back up your data
AND guarantee fast and granular file‑level recovery of that data as needed. You can leverage Veeam‑powered solutions
to ensure your IT organization meets and exceeds local healthcare compliancy requirements and regulations.

Discover six reasons why data protection modernization is essential for healthcare institutions.

Your organization stores an immense amount of vital information, making data protection critical for your business.

156 hospitals, insurance companies and healthcare organizations were surveyed on data management challenges and successes, including the impact 2020 had on their technology strategies.

Learn how business and IT leaders addressed these issues:

0 %

of organizations are
accelerating cloud usage

0 %

had one or more server outages
in the past 12 months

0 %

increase in Disaster Recovery
as a Service (DRaaS) usage
within two years

# 0

driver for change is backup


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* 2021 Data Protection Report executive brief for healthcare
** Modern Data Protection for Healthcare