Immutable Storage: The Ultimate Form of Ransomware Protection

Simplify off-site backup and get 100% bulletproof protection from ransomware and insider threat with Veeam integrated Immutable backups.

Protect Your Backups from Ransomware with Managecast and Veeam

Instead of taking a step backwards and trying to air-gap your backups by manually moving media or going back to tapes, protect against ransomware the modern way by easily implementing Immutable Backup Storage within Veeam.

Managecast offers Veeam compatible Immutable Storage supporting the new Veeam V12 object lock functionality to provide ransomware proof backups! The new immutable backups feature protects your recent backup copies from modification and deletions by leveraging advanced Immutable Storage functionality.

Object Lock Functionality

By leveraging object lock, it is virtually impossible to change stored backup data, which in turn protects your Veeam backups from ransomware and other malicious deletions of backup data. 

Simplify Off-site Backup

Achieve compliance with 3-2-1 backup rule by immediately duplicating newly created backups to object storage with policy-based copy management.

Protect Recent Backup Copies

Object storage protects against modification or deletion by malware or malicious actors by making them immutable for the required number of days.

The Managecast Difference

Unlike cheap cloud storage, Managecast recognizes if you are hit by ransomware you will need to get your data back as soon as possible. Downloading over the internet may take too long. Managecast SLA’s can provide your data in the fastest times possible by express shipping your data, or personally delivering it to you.

In addition, Managecast provides full recovery within our cloud if needed. Managecast combines Veeam, Immutable Backup Storage, and our expert services to deliver bullet-proof backups!

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