Office 365 Backup and Recovery

With Managecast Office 365 Backup, administrators can easily configure, manage and schedule all backup activities from the same intuitive user interface.

Your Office 365 Data isn't as Safe as You Might Think

Many organizations have a false sense of security with Office 365 data, incorrectly believing there is no need to back up Office 365 data.  Hopefully by reading this you already realize you should protect your cloud data, no matter where it resides.

Key Reasons to Backup Office 365

Protect Against Ransomware Infections

Defend Against External Security Threats

Prevent Malicious Deletion by Users and Admins

Enable Long-Term Retention for SharePoint and OneDrive Files

Backup and Support by Managecast


With backup for Microsoft Office 365, recovery of lost data is fast and simple and based on an organization’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO). IT administrators choose the frequency and granularity of the backups to ensure data is protected as long as required for business continuity and compliance.


With support for Microsoft Office 365, Managecast delivers a single, integrated approach to cloud-based data recovery that is aligned to the value of the data being protected. This approach eliminates the need for a complicated mix of point solutions or separate processes to backup data in the cloud.

Licensing Options

Per user + Capacity Licensing

Per user licensing is cost effective for most organizations with less than 500 users.

Capacity Only Licensing

Capacity Only licensing is typically better when there are a large number of Office 365 accounts from 500 to 50000+ where per user licensing adds a substantial cost. School systems and other large organization are examples where a large number of user's data needs to be protected.

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