Release Notes

### Bug

o365 - Storage usage not loading

M365 - Licensing sync fails for specific companies

Type filter on Users Logs only works with a single word

Users Logs for ack\_o365\_usage are not saved

### Task

Integrate Slack with our API to send messages

M365 user license consumption - Add sync to get and store data

Add report for M365 user license consumption

O365 licensing export

### Story

Add report for M365 user license consumption

### Bug

Login as the same user

Edit company shows companyId instead name

Weekly report is broken

Support sections should not be accessible if setting is turned off

Daily checks - Filters and tabs overlaping

Daily checks - Inaccessible stuck on loading

User Creation Error Message

### Task

M365 backup run time in local time zone of customer?

m365 licensing sync alert when we're not able to reach a VM

Improve size of Managecast background

Self-registration email: add plan on email body

### Enhancement

Create NEW All Customers Report - Basic View

Add more detail to Users Logs

### Bug

Ignore rules not working

Reporting Table company filter display companyId instead company Name

Some stripe charges were duplicated in February

Trial date info not showing under Billing menu report

Stripe - Billing cycle

Alert message "Please create a new Job under your Organization" appears in Monitoring app

### Sub-task

M365 Prompt user to go to the Organization wizard

M365 Prompt user to go to the Job wizard after adding an organization

### Task

Licensing sync - Shared veeams

Add logging for ignore option

Merge backup jobs for customer on

Self registration users are set to "managed" by default

### Enhancement

Turn on support menu for VMOBACKUP

### Story

M365 Org and Job Setup Wizard Enhancements

### Bug

Daily checks - filter Date is always reverts to the default option at page refresh

Daily checks - filter "Anomaly" does not remain on at page refresh

Daily checks - filter "Ignored" does not remain on at page refresh

Daily checks - filter "Target Type" does not remain on at page refresh

Didn't Run Last Run filter works as a Date Range filter

Daily checks - filter "Source" does not remain on at page refresh

"Unmanaged" Filter in Daily checks returns nothing

User Logs - date filter is not working

User Logs - date filter formated in UTC

Edit Company with Organization fails the first try

Restore menu disappears on refresh

Daily Checks 'Shared Files' filter causes JS error

Daily checks - State filters does not remain on at page refresh

Daily checks - selected filters must remain after navigating to other sections

### Task

Customer sync issues

### Story

Enable hints for Admins and Operators Only Option

Show ticket number on mouse over

### Enhancement

Add permanent notes section to new ticket window based on company

New Job Type to Sync - File Backups

### Bug

Daily checks - Avoid JS error

Inaccessible computers filter is not working as expected

SubscriptionUsage model wrong attribute types

M365 Dashboard - Retention widget accuracy

Table Filters by Date are not working properly

Sync are not properly working for VSPC v8

M365 API company name validation

Customer unable to save changes to Weekly Reports

Licensing report not showing data for vmobackup

### Task

Add "Created At" column to organizations list

Change backup status widget wording

Daily check screen - shorten Job Type column to avoid scrolling the window

2\.1.4 release Issues

M365 - Add Organization wizard improvement

### Task

Streamline user experience on M365 job setup

Use Open instead of Waiting Client Response for Connectwise Tickets - Managecast Portal

Reports - add lastSentAt attribute

User form changes

Setup customer SP

M365 Dashboard - Loading icon per widget

M365 Dashboard - Filter by Company

### Story

M365 Dashboard - Discovery and investigation

M365 Dashboard - Implement Backup Status widget

M365 Dashboard - Implement Users widget

M365 Dashboard - Implement Retention widget

M365 Dashboard - Implement License Activity widget

M365 Dashboard - Implement License widget

M365 Dashboard - Implement Storage Use widget

Add ack and ticket buttons to lower screen in daily check view

### Enhancement

Allow exporting entire list or increasing page size

Add sync for backup server status

New Job Type to Sync - Public Cloud VMs

Show Job Types in Daily Checks

Test VSPC v8 with Portal Syncs

Hidden message for M365 backups still shows up in email logs

Subscription enhance to existing customer adding credit card info

Subscriptions - Ask to change level of service before entering credit card info

### Epic

Existing user subscriptions

### Task

User Profile - Enabled/Disable MFA

Hide ticket link from non Admin users

Mods to VMOBACKUP Registration Screen

Add Google Pixel to VMOBACKUP.COM Portal

Self Registration - Email should be verified before creating Company/Account in the portal

Change login screen username area to say "username/email" \(for VMOBACKUP.COM\)

### Enhancement

Subscription listing

### Story

Existing users - add subcription

Existing users - update credit card

Test Self-Registration verification email

### Task

Daily checks export

M365 self-registration MFA enabled by default

Add Google Pixel to VMOBACKUP.COM Portal

### Story

Subscriptions Billing Screen

### Support

issues found while testing 2.0.15 release

### Bug

M365 should not see any repository before selecting organization

### Enhancement

Daily Report Improvements

Improve note field on calendar view

Scroll to date clicked in calendar view page

Oct 11, 2023

# Release notes - platform - 2.0.15 prod

### Support

issues found while testing 2.0.15 release

### Bug

M365 should not see any repository before selecting organization

### Enhancement

Daily Report Improvements

Improve note field on calendar view

Scroll to date clicked in calendar view page

VMO365 Portal Not displaying error/warning messages

Syncs: Cloud workloads sync not working

Customer syncs are not working

Analytics Trends - Mixed SP data

Rules Engine: we're applying other SPs rules to no right SP

Syncs - Investigate gaps on calendar view

Another report of a different customers data showing up for shared VPSC portal

### Task

M365: Basic auth is not supported anymore.

o365 licensing sync improvement

Mcast license numbers differences

Customer - Add specific header for sync

Downloads - Add new download link

### Enhancement

Reports: Change generation to be parallel instead of serial

### Support

License usage drop off

### Bug

Communication issue with standalone agents

Cloud workload sync not working on 2.0.13

Syncs - Cloud workloads sync is not working for v7

Sporadic issue with Agent sync

SSO - Veeam Single Sign On is not working

M365 token cleanup

Cant self register vmo365 staging portal

Licensing report - should not show Managecast customers for shared VPSC Portals

Creating a support request from staging portal goes to a 404 page.

Sending reports give error status code 500 - Microsoft365 settings blank

Daily checks job type filters aren't working

o365 Syncs - Hang up on "running" state

Hints - invalid RegEx error

Customer M365 Licensing sync is not working

Customer licensing sync is not working

Calendar view: Mixed data between different SPs

Company edition is failing

### Sub-task

"Monitored" column is showing always "Yes"

### Task

Licensing report: Investigate differences since AWS upgrade and/or v6 vs v7

M365: Jobs list - sort alphabetically the organizations

Rules engine - Type error causing a lot of logging

M365 - VMO365 M365 sync returns no jobs

### Enhancement

Licensing report export to reflect UI report

Admin login - hide default logins from user logs

M365 - Show Service Level for SP that uses it

M365 - Add ability to select proxy from list, Admin only, used during repo creation

Licensing report - Add new column "monitored"

Enhance loading component

Compiled with problems error message on page

M365 sync: post sync action

Update VMO365 Self Registration Defaults

### Story

Logging system

Auto-detect PIT VSPC reachability

Reports: Summarize logs if the message is multiple times the same.

Close Linked tickets when Original ticket is closed.

### Bug

Repositories sync is not working for Fivenines

Reset password is not working for AD service providers

M365 job completion emails are not going out

Cloud workloads - Ignore from dashboard statistics \(queries\)

ConnectWise - Ticket creation error

VAC ID lookup is not working

Managed agents sync is not working for customer

Customer password resets not working

Investigate random portal crashes

Customer licensing report - sockets issue

Change Password is not working

Reports - customer report is not showing data

Portal locking up, pages not loading, buttons not working

Wrong messages displayed for Jobs, incorrect status

Issues creating tickets

Reports: weekly generated report is showing 6 days instead of 7

M365 - 500 error on setup.

Sync - office365 failing with errors

Uprite portal showing a job ran when it has been suspended for 14 weeks

Job executions error messages DO NOT show on Daily-checks

### Task

ConnectWise - Change settings for customer

Investigate why organizations have not VACID on self registration

Disable portal for customer

Replace API token for API-Key on each call to VSPC

### Enhancement

Add new fields to Daily Checks export

### Story

M365 version 7 support