Service Provider Abstract

Managecast enables a flexible approach for IT service providers

Some key benefits to providing a cloud backup solution to your clients:

  • Generate recurring revenues
  • Increase “stickiness” with clients and become a trusted resource
  • Sell appliance and storage hardware
  • Enables add on services such as disaster recovery testing, professional services, etc.
  • Differentiate yourself with an exceptional solution built for the enterprise

Managecast works with IT service providers to deliver best-in-class cloud backup services to their end-clients. In many cases we are behind the scenes of an extremely reliable, secure, cloud backup infrastructure.  We also recognize there are different requirements for each IT service provider and we offer several different methods of cloud backup service delivery.

Host your own cloud backup solution

Running things in-house may be desired by service providers who also have the infrastructure and expertise. We provide the cloud backup software you use to power your own cloud backup solution using your on-premise servers and storage. This model allows the service provider to have maximum control over the back-end infrastructure required to run a reliable cloud backup system.

Let us host your cloud backup solution

Service providers who do not wish to make the investment in infrastructure and/or may not have the in-house expertise can quickly and easily go to market with our fully hosted solution which can be white labeled as the service provider’s service. This allows control over provisioning, monitoring, etc., but avoids the costs of data centers and infrastructure.  Managecast is specialized in hosting service provider cloud backup vaults.

Deploy a hybrid cloud backup solution

There are times when a service provider wants to host their own cloud backup solution in house, but may require an offsite replication target or failover site if one is not currently available. Managecast can also facilitate hosting replication and failover capabilities. This model includes an on premesis primary location while using a cloud-based replication site.

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Key Differentiators

Consider these key areas:

  • Flexibility in deployment options. Hosted, Self hosted, or hybrid.
  • Agentless – Essential for MSPs so you don’t have to install software on customer systems
  • Multiple tiers of storage instead of one-size-fits-all
  • We do not store the encryption key so we have no access to the backup data
  • Expensive backup appliances are NOT required.
  • FIPS 140-2 certified (Important for security minded clients)
  • We backup not just physical and virtual servers, but we also backup Macs, Linux, and mobile devices such as laptops, android or IOS devices.