Benefits of Using a Veeam Cloud Service Provider

Join Nathan Golden, Owner and President of Managecast Technologies – 2020 Veeam Innovation Award Winner, and Tim Hudson, Senior Solutions Architect at Veeam Software for the recorded webinar: Benefits of Using a Veeam Cloud Service Provider.

Administrators’ plates are always full and while Backup & DR are important, they are not always top of mind. Using a Veeam Cloud Service Provider like Managecast allows your IT team to stay focused on more strategic business initiatives.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Managecast & Veeam can help manage and monitor your backups
  • Different cloud options and their cost
  • The importance of Disaster Recovery planning
  • And more!

About Managecast

Founded in 2000 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Managecast Technologies specializes in cloud backup, disaster recovery and business continuity planning solutions for businesses of all sizes – from the largest enterprise to the one-person office and anywhere in between.

We are passionate about fully protecting your critical business data to ensure business can continue as normal in the event of a disaster. We monitor and proactively manage your backups with the goal of setting you free to strategically focus on your business, without the headache and stress associated with safeguarding your data.

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