Why Managecast

Managecast is passionate about providing world-class data protection solutions and offer a broad spectrum of services around disaster recovery and business continuity. 

Why Use Managecast?

While critically important, Backup and DR is not strategic to your business.

Backup will NOT increase your revenues
Backup will NOT increase your market share
Backup will NOT enhance your brand awareness or value
Backup will NOT make you more competitive

Your IT personnel should be focused on strategic goals that enhance the business, not on items that are not strategic to the business.

Managecast takes on the burden of data protection at an overall lower cost, freeing IT staff to be more strategic.

What Makes Managecast Different?

We become an extension of the IT team.

DR and Recovery Testing and Planning Services.

Our goal is to make comprehensive data protection as easy as possible for our clients, allowing them to focus on strategic business functions.

We protect data no matter where it lives: On premises, cloud, laptops, mobile. Examples: Office 365, AWS, Azure, Salesforce etc.

More than a utility-type service – we combine cloud backup and DR with professional monitoring, management and support.

Managecast White-Glove Service

Best-in-Class Service

Fully Managed and Monitored

19 Years in Business

Air-Gap Option

End-to-End Encryption and Security

Long-Term Retention and Archiving

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Managecast offers Cloud Backup solutions to companies of all sizes.