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Veeam Hyper-V Error 32274 & Log on as a Service Right

Recently, we ran into a case where Veeam backups for Hyper-V VMs would fail after about a day with the Error code: ‘32774’ failing to create VM recovery snapshot. Restarting the Hyper-V VM would resolve the issue temporarily, but inevitably would start to fail again. In a situation where a Hyper-V VM is failing to create a snapshot a good way to determine if Veeam or the Hyper-V is an issue is to attempt a…
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Veeam Monitoring and Notifications for MSPs

You realize how cumbersome it is to monitor your onsite end-client Veeam backups if you are a managed service provider (MSP) with several clients. Many times the method is to receive emails from the on-premises Veeam backup server which results in having to sift through numerous emails to determine if there are any issues to address with clients. The more clients you have, the more emails, the worse the management headache! Even when using supplied…
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Utility Versus Fully Managed Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

From the one-person office, to the largest enterprise and anywhere in between, every company has information that needs to be managed, backed-up, and stored. In reality, too many organizations do not give backup and disaster recovery the attention it deserves. Why?  Rarely is it someone’s full-time job to manage backups. IT resources are stretched thin and data protection is easily neglected when there are many other competing priorities. Turn-over in IT creates gaps in the…
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Enabling Veeam Remote Management

Whether you are a new customer of ours or have been protecting your data with us for a while, there are many reasons to enable Remote Management on your Veeam B&R or Veeam Agent Installations. Remote Logging: This allows us to see a more detailed description of what is going wrong. Without Remote Logging, we only see info on jobs that sends data to us, and very limited info if something fails. With it on,…
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5 Reasons Why Ransomware is a Threat Now More than Ever

Ransomware attacks have been in the news a lot recently and are affecting companies of all sizes and industries. Why does this keep happening when the repercussions are so profound? We give you 5 simple reasons. 1. There Are Many Vulnerable Targets Ransomware doesn’t discriminate when it comes to choosing their target. Attackers know that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and local governments, due to their limited resources, are a good place to target because…
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You Guys Can Just Restore My VMs to Your Environment for Disaster Recovery, Right?

Quick Answer: Sure we can! But... This question often comes up when a client is looking for offsite backup, but wants the ability to do offsite disaster recovery (DR) without having to pay for our DR as a Service (DRaaS). They want to have DR capabilities, but not the associated costs (unless a major event happened). The question is logical. Since Managecast would hold a copy of the client's data in the form of backups…
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