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Issue: Veeam Issues Nuisance Low Repository Disk Space Warnings

Overview Generally, it is good to be informed of low backup storage situations on Veeam repositories. Running out of disk storage during backup operations can result in corrupted backups. By default, Veeam is configured to trigger a warning notification when backup storage space is 10% or less free space. For example, if you have 1TB of storage and the notification is set to warning at 10% left then it would trigger when there is 100GB…
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Managecast Wins Veeam Innovation Award 2020

CINCINNATI - June 17, 2020 - Managecast Technologies, Inc. was presented with the prestigious Veeam Innovation Award, which celebrates creating new and unique ways to add value to Veeam technology, on June 17, 2020, at VeeamON. Starting in 2018, the Veeam Innovation Award is given out to partners who are making waves in the Veeam space. Managecast created the Managecast Portal for Veeam in 2019 and has been enabling MSPs and clients to more easily…
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Ransomware Recap – April

Welcome to our April Ransomware Recap! In this monthly series, we discuss a few of the biggest ransomware stories. Let’s jump in. Cognizant Confirms Ransomware Attack Fortune 500 company Cognizant has confirmed it was hit by Maze ransomware. Not many details have been released, but the attack has caused service disruptions for some of its clients. Maze hackers have denied any responsibility. Typically, Maze attackers publish stolen files online if a ransom isn't paid. No…
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Ransomware Recap – March

Welcome to our March Ransomware Recap! In this monthly series, we discuss a few of the biggest ransomware stories. Let's jump in. Nemty Ransomware Posts Victims Stolen Data as Punishment Nemty Ransomware has created a data leak site to publish information of victims who do not pay ransoms. This information can include financials, personal information of employees, client data and more. The goal for publishing confidential data is to force the next round victims into…
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World Backup Day is 3/31/2020

World Backup Day is coming up quick this year. WBD 2020 takes place on March 31st , the day before April fools day, for a good reason: Don't be a fool backup your data! What is World Backup Day? World Backup Days is the day to bring attention to whether your data, most likely your most critical and vital business asset, is well protected. World Backup Day originated in 2005 as World Backup month, but was changed to World Backup Day in 2011 on…
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Ransomware Recap – February

Welcome to February's Ransomware Recap! In this monthly series, we discuss a few of the biggest ransomware stories. Let's jump in. Hackers Find Bug in PayPal's Google Pay Integration Hackers have found a bug in the Google Pay integration with PayPal, and are now using it to perform unauthorized transactions. Most transactions have taken place at stores in the US, especially Target stores across New York. Many of the victims are German users. German security…
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