Offer Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services to Your Clients

Managecast provides a flexible go-to-market strategy to accommodate the needs of those who want to offer a reliable, cost effective, secure services to their clientele with minimum effort.

Reseller Partner

Resell our services to your clients by introducing Managecast backup and disaster recovery services. Managecast will handle all of the paperwork, including agreements, invoicing, and other client-facing communications.

Reseller Partners are welcome to be very involved in the on-boarding and management of clients, but they also have the option of letting Managecast handle everything, minimizing the time and effort required of the Reseller Partner. You can still choose to be the primary point contact for the client, or delegate this to Managecast.

Since Managecast will be providing the billing and invoicing to the client, the Reseller Partner will receive a monthly, recurring commission check as long as the client is doing business with Managecast.​

MSP White-Label Partner

For those partners that wish to retain maximum control we offer the ability to white-label our services. 

The key difference with the white-label partner option is that the legal agreements and invoicing is provided by the partner. Managecast will invoice the partner and the partner would in turn invoice their clients.

Typically the partner is also the key point of contact for issues and technical support required by the client. The partner in turn will leverage Managecast when needed to escalate level 1 support issues.

As much as possible, Managecast remains invisible to the end-client and the partner remains the primary focal point for the client relationship.

Partner Benefits

Recurring revenue

Augment your service offering

Get up and running quickly

No need to host or maintain equipment

Maintain account control

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