Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Keeping you in business no matter what. Easily. Managecast offers fully managed and monitored Disaster Recovery Solutions for companies of all sizes.

Full Support Disaster Recovery and DR Testing

If your company is like many organizations you do not have an offsite DR location, and probably haven’t tested a full disaster recovery in years, if ever. The reasons are easily understood: Lack of resources and time. We understand these challenges and have developed an easy to use DR as a Service offering that is surprisingly affordable.

DR Testing, as well as actual DR failover, is something that can be easily achieved using the Managecast Restore-to-Cloud Service that utilizes our infrastructure to provide you easy access to the DR environment.

Two Service Levels

DR Testing

Whether utilizing Veeam or Zerto, we keep your virtual machines up-to-date in our data center, ready to be powered on when needed. The solution also provides for DR testing so you know you are ready in case of an actual disaster.

We can accommodate public facing services such as email and web, and we do not require you to re-ip your servers.


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