Check Your Veeam Cloud Connect Repository Storage Usage

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Here are the steps to check your Managecast Veeam Cloud Connect Repository storage usage through the Veeam Backup and Replication console:

  1. Open the Veeam console and select the ‘BACKUP INFRASTRUCTURE’ tab on the bottom left. 
  2. Then, select the ‘Backup Repositories’ group on the top left.
  3. A list of existing repositories will be displayed, select the cloud repository. It will typically be named ‘Managecast Cloud Repository’ and the repository type will be labeled Cloud.
  4. Right-click the ‘Managecast Cloud Repository’ and choose ‘Properties.’
Veeam Cloud Connect Repository Usage

5. The window that is displayed will show the settings for the selected cloud connect repository including: Capacity, Used space, and Free space.

Veeam Cloud Connect Repository Usage Properties

And that’s it! 5 simple steps to check your Veeam Cloud Connect repository storage usage. At Managecast, we fully manage and monitor your backups so that you can focus on more strategic initiatives.

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