Enabling Veeam Remote Management

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Whether you are a new customer of ours or have been protecting your data with us for a while, there are many reasons to enable Remote Management on your Veeam B&R or Veeam Agent Installations.

  • Remote Logging: This allows us to see a more detailed description of what is going wrong. Without Remote Logging, we only see info on jobs that sends data to us, and very limited info if something fails. With it on, we can notify you with more detail of issues even on local jobs so you can get your backups running smoother.
  • Self-Service Failover: If you use our DRaaS and have a Failover Plan configured, you can log into our Veeam Availability Console (VAC) and initiate a failover
  • Remote Management: Also from the VAC, you can enable, disable, and kick off jobs without needing access to your Veeam B&R Console

Enabling it is easy, just follow one of the methods below. Method 2 is if you are doing Veeam Agent backups to us without a Backup and Replication installation, or Method 1 has trouble starting the services for some reason.

Method 1

This requires that Veeam B&R to be installed and you have your Service Provider info from us, or have already connected.

During the Service Provider set up, or by going to Backup Infrastructure then Service Providers and right-clicking the provider’s name. Please select the Allow this Veeam Backup & Replication installation to be managed by the service provider at the bottom of the window.

Then just finish out the wizard, providing the Service Provider Info for the Credentials if you have not already, and wait for the progress window to complete. You should see the Management agent logo in your systray and it should show connected. If Not, try Method 2

Method 2

This method manually installs the Remote Management Agent service and is required if you want Remote Management of a Veeam Agent backup and a Backup and Replication server is not used. You will need your Service Provider Info.

Download the agent manually here, unzip it, and run the installer. After running the installer, check to see if the Agent is running in the system task tray.

If the Agent has not connected, provide the Service Provider Info and hit Apply.

As always, if you have any issues, please contact our support team and we will gladly assist you in getting the management agent enabled!

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