Error: Cannot proceed with the job existing backup meta file is not synchronized with the DB [56]

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We recently ran into an issue where a Veeam Cloud Connect replication job started to fail with the error:

Restore point is corrupted

We noticed that the source for the replication job was set as the offsite backup copy job, but the source backup copy job was also failing with the following error:

Error: Cannot proceed with the job: existing backup meta file 'XYZ.vbm' on repository 'XYZ Cloud repository' is not synchronized with the DB. To resolve this, run repository rescan. The job has been automatically disabled due to too many failures. Please fix all issues preventing the job from running before re-enabling it.

Looking into the error message, this can happen when the backup server is rebooted or loses connection during the offsite backup, and it causes things to go out of sync. It is possible this can be resolved by just rescanning the repository and re-enabling the backup copy job.

We tried this, but the rescan on the repository came back with an error “XYZ Cloud repository: Failed to synchronize 1 backups.”

After a bit more investigation, we determined that the VBM file in the customers’ repository had a size of 0 MB. This indicated that the metadata file had been corrupted and needed to be recreated.

Veeam can typically recreate the VBM file as long as the job and remaining backup files are intact.

In this case, the solution for this issue was to:

  1. Disable the backup copy job.
  2. From the Cloud Connect provider side, access the customers’ backup repository.
  3. Rename the backup metadata file to “XYZ.vbm.bak”
  4. Then rescan the repository from the customer’s backup server.
  5. Re-enable the backup copy job.

This time, the rescan completed successfully. The backup copy and replication jobs were re-enabled and the next run for each completed successfully.

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