Veeam Replication: Failed to run synchronized operation in MTA backup apartment

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A cloud replication job started failing with the following error after the local storage, where the metadata was, had filled up.

Processing VM Error: Storage not initialized.

Failed to open storage for read access. Storage:

–tr:Failed to run synchronized operation in MTA backup apartment.

–tr:Failed to list items in the storage

–tr:Client failed to process the command. Command: [dir].


A rescan of the repository was not working and you could not remove the VMs from configuration. The issue ended up being with the Veeam Replica Working Snapshot.

Login to the vCenter where the cloud replicas are sitting and select one of the affected VMs. On that VM go over to the snapshots section.

Once you are there, select the Veeam Replica Working snapshot that should be down at the very bottom. Delete that snapshot.

Once you re run the job then data should start transferring again.

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