Veeam Agent for Windows “Sending e-mail report Details: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure”

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When a certificate change to the SMTP server that your Veeam agent uses to send out notifications occurs, the notifications may start failing to send. Your jobs will begin displaying the warning message, “Sending e-mail report Details: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.” This can be easily resolved by running through the email notification settings and testing that it can connect.

  1. From your Veeam Agent for Windows, select the settings button, and select the Configure and test button.

2. In the Configure and test email notifications window, verify and test your SMTP email settings. Selecting Test Now will test the current settings.

3. If the Test Now fails, you may need to make a change to warrant Veeam to rescan the certificate. Veeam will only rescan the certificate if a change has been made here. Clicking the Mail server drop down, switch it to one of the other options, then switch back is a significant enough to warrant a rescan. Click Apply to initiate the rescan.

4. You should be met with an alert stating that the certificates are mismatched. Continue through the certificate window. Run the Test Now option to verify Veeam can now connect.

There may be other reasons that could be interrupting the communication between your Veeam Backup Agent for Windows and the SMTP server. If you would like further assistance please contact

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