Veeam Backup “given key was not present in the dictionary” error

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We have run into an issue when a job starts reporting the “The given key was not present in the dictionary” error. This seems to occur when a backup is interrupted multiple times. When this isn’t caused by the metadata being corrupted, we’ve been able to be resolve the error by removing the chain, re-importing, and re-mapping the job:

1. Connect to the tenant Veeam backup console.
2. Open Home – > Backup Copy Jobs.
3. Find your cloud job that processes the backup you want to modify, right-click the job and select Disable. The option can be greyed-out if the job is not scheduled to run at some particular time.
4. Open the Home –> Backups –> Cloud view.
5. Press and hold the [CTRL] key (please do not release it) and right-click the backup you want to modify.
6. Select the Remove from configuration option.
7. Open the Backup Infrastructure -> Backup Repositories view.
8. In the inventory pane, find the cloud repository where the affected backup is stored, right-click it and select Rescan.
During the rescan operation, in the statistics window, you will see that the backup was imported.
The modified backup should appear in the Home –> Backups –> Cloud node in the tenant Veeam backup console.
9. Open Home –> Backup Copy and find the cloud job associated with this backup.
10. Right-click the job, select Edit, proceed to the Storage step of the wizard and select Map backup.
11. Select the cloud backup from the cloud repository. Then, click OK to finish mapping.
12. Save the settings and enable the job. Then run it or wait for the job to run upon schedule.

If this does not resolve the issue, it may point to metadata corruption as the culprit. For further troubleshooting, please reach out to to help get your backups running again.

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