Veeam Backup & Replication v10 and Newer Windows backup proxy is missing C++ runtime components error

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Veeam will display the error message “Backup proxy is missing C++ runtime components” for a different reason depending if you are on a current supported version, or an older unsupported version. If you are still running an unsupported version of Veeam (9.5 and older) please see THIS blog post for steps to resolve the C++ issue.
For newer versions of Veeam, this issue is caused when the VDDK libraries on the VMware Backup Proxy fail to load. This occurs when the Veeam Transport Service is missing components on the backup proxy.

Repairing the Veeam Backup Transport should resolve the error. Before taking the following steps, please ensure no jobs are running.

  1. On your Veeam Backup Server, navigate to C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup and Replication\Backup\Packages\ to grab the VeeamTransport.msi.

  2. Place the VeeamTransport.msi installer onto your Backup Proxy.

  3. Run the VeeamTansport.msi installer as administrator.

  4. In the installer wizard, select the Repair option. Additionally, you may uninstall and freshly re-install the package.

Once the install has finished, you may re-enable your jobs, and retry any job that was reporting the error.

This is the most common reason we see the C++ runtime component occurring but may not resolve every C++ error. If you are continuing to experience issues, please contact for further assistance.

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