Veeam Backup & Replication Virtual Machine is unavailable and will be skipped from processing

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A common Veeam Backup and Replication warning we see is when a virtual machine becomes unavailable. Veeam will report the “Virtual Machine VMNAME is unavailable and will be skipped from processing” error for a few reasons. Some common reasons for the error could be:

  • The VM was deleted.
  • The VM was moved.
  • The VM network has changed, or was removed.
  • Network connection is blocked to VM.
  • The MoRef ID has changed.
  • A VM restore has occurred, and the original VM is no longer present.

Depending on the cause of the VM becoming unavailable will determine what actions you can take to get the VM backing up.

  1. If the VM had network connection issues, resolving these connection issues will resolve the issue.
  2. A restored VM, or VM with a new MoRef ID, is consider a new VM. A new full will be required. You may remove the pointer of the previous VM in the backup job, and add the new VM.

These are just a few common reasons and solutions for VMs becoming unavailable. If you would like further assistance with your backups please feel free to reach out to

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