Veeam Replication: Restore Point is Corrupted

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The restore point is corrupted error can be caused if the replication is set to use a backup as it’s source. If the source backup is running it marks the backup files as incomplete which can cause the replication job to see the files as corrupted. Once the job is completed the restore point is changed to a “valid” state.

There are typically a few different ways to fix these errors:

  • Change the replication job schedule to match the daily schedule of the source cloud backup copy job. (i.e., Once a day)*
  • 2. Update the local backup and cloud backup copy job to run more frequently than the replication job.*
  • 3. Change the replication job to use the production data as the source. This way it’s not tied to the schedule of the cloud backup copy.

*In both of these scenarios it may also be beneficial to set the backups window of the source backup job to disable it from running during the time the replication job is scheduled.

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