ZertoDeploy On Premises or use our Restore-to-Cloud DRaaS Service

Zerto provides powerful VM replication and elegant fail-over of virtual workloads to provide maximum up-time and minimize data loss. Managecast is a Zerto partner and we can provide Zerto licensing to your organization and help you build your own on-premises DR solution, or you can utilize our offsite DRaaS service utilizing Zerto.

A lot of organizations do not have the budget to facilitate an offsite Disaster Recovery location.

Do you have an offsite disaster recovery site for critical IT systems? When was the last time a full DR test was performed?

Few companies have performed recovery testing to ensure an efficient recovery.  Given this reality, it makes sense to partner with a company focused on providing cloud-based offsite recovery and business continuity services.  Leverage our expertise and extensive enterprise-class infrastructure hosted at multiple SSAE16, SOX, HIPAA and PCI certified data centers to provide your company with dependable offsite disaster recovery services.

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Key capabilities:

  • Designed to protect demanding enterprise applications
  • Integrate with VMware vSphere, vCloud, and Hyper-V
  • Point in time snapshots from a few days, hours, minutes or even seconds ago
  •  Non-intrusive DR testing including annual DR testing
  • Supports any storage to any storage replication
  • Longer term archive and backup options
  •  Benefits to Business

    Regular DR Testing

    Annually (or Quarterly) fully test your offsite recovery of critical IT infrastructure. By testing recovery you are minimizing business disruption in an actual emergency as well as allowing some organizations to comply with rules and laws requiring disaster recovery testing.

    By regularly testing disaster recovery preparedness get the assurance you need you can continue business operations in the event of disaster.

    Flexible and fully customizable

    Tailor the cloud DR solution around the recovery point and recovery time objectives the business, application, and budget requires.

    Pro Support

    The solution is supported by experienced professionals.  We are focused on data protection so you can focus on your  business.

    Most internal IT support does not include expertise in disaster recovery.  Let us be an extension of your IT team without the high associated cost of relying on existing employees who are not highly trained and experienced in data protection and disaster recovery.

    Simple and Affordable

    In a single budget line item you are receiving enterprise-class disaster recovery of critical IT systems, annual DR testing and peace of mind knowing you can recover your data no matter what.

    When you add up all the costs of maintaining a disaster recovery site, the associated costs of infrastructure equipment, software and costs of deployment and day-to-day maintenance you can quickly justify the ease of using our DR service versus overseeing a dynamic and complex recovery process.

    If you do not currently test your disaster recovery plan then know you can quickly and easily do so by using our replication technology based on Zerto.

    Rapid and Measurable Recovery with Enterprise SLA’s

    We can establish service level agreements to meet virtually any business requirement.  Whether you need 15 minute recovery or 24 hour recovery – we have a plan for you.  We can help you understand the value of your data and the appropriate level of service you require and can afford.

    Anytime/Anywhere Access

    Your critical IT systems and applications can be available to you anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.  With multiple data centers you can be assured your essential data will be available when needed.  You are control of the fail-over to the DR site.

    Hybrid Cloud Deployment

    Run your critical applications on your premises and use our site for disaster recovery.

    Private Cloud Deployment

    With our experience we can enable you to deploy your own on-premises disaster recovery solution.

    Contact us for more information, including a 30-day no risk trial. 513-735-6868, Option 2